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Covendis has partnered with Info Cubic Employment Screening to provide supplier qualification and background screening. Info Cubic's foundation was built on providing world-class customer service, industry-leading turnaround times and accurate search results. Our tremendous client referral and retention rate is concrete proof of this strong commitment.

Great news! Info Cubic does not charge set up fees, monthly fees or annual fees and all Covendis suppliers receive automatic discounted pricing. This page is designed to answer all of your Covendis program questions. When you are ready, please click here to submit your application. We look forward to working with you. Someone will contact you shortly!

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Proposal IDs – You will need to obtain your Proposal ID number before placing an order with Info Cubic. Please only enter the numeric ID, with no special characters or spaces. Do not utilize "Covendis", "Other", "000000" or any other form of the ID on the report order, as this will cause the report integration to fail. If the report integration fails, it will not be uploaded to your requisition on time. You may miss a submission deadline because of an incorrect Proposal ID.

If the Proposal ID is not available to you, please contact your Covendis representative to ensure that your candidate background report is applied to the correct requisition.

Standard Package overview – Please refer to your requisition for individual requirements

  State of CT State of CO State of NE State of OR
Process for completing the Background Verification requirements: Step 1:

Order Standard Background Verification
Step 1:

Order agency specific package:

Inclusions are predetermined to meet that agency’s requirements
Step 1:

Order agency specific package:

Inclusions are predetermined to meet that agency’s requirements
*Subject to change based on individual proposal

Currently, Covendis has not provided a standard package for State of Oregon. Please refer to your proposal/requisition for background screening requirements.
Requirements 1) A corporate account with Info Cubic
2) A Proposal ID for the pending proposal in the Covendis portal

For International searches, additional documents such as degree copies, offer letters, etc may be required.
Report uploading If a report is completed with a valid proposal ID, and the candidate's first and last name matches, the report will be integrated directly to the pending proposal in the Covendis portal. To avoid any delay, please make sure the proposal ID is accurate at the time of your order, and the candidate's information is entered exactly on both the proposal and the report. Reports should be uploaded within 2 business hours to the portal.

If your report has not been uploaded, please contact your Covendis representative.

Turnaround Times:

  • Global Monitor Check (previously known as Patriot Act/OFAC/BXA/Terrorist list search): Less than 1 business hour
  • SSN Trace: Instant
  • Federal Criminal: 6 business hours or less
  • Statewide Criminal: Varies by State, up to 3 business days
    • *A signed release is required for Georgia state searches before research can begin.
  • MVR: 4-6 business hours
  • Domestic Education/Employment Verifications: Varies, approximately 5 business days on average. Please note: Previous employment or education information may be housed in 3rd party services (such as The Work Number or National Student Clearinghouse), which could incur additional fees.
  • International Criminal: 7-10 business days on average (dependent on country)
  • International Verifications: 7-20 business days on average (dependent on country)
    • *Additional documentation may be required before research can begin.

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