Product Spotlight: E-Verify®

Posted: February 23, 2021

What is E-Verify®?

E-Verify® is an electronic verification of an individual’s right to work in the United States. State or federal legislation requires some employees to be processed through the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security for validation via the E-Verify process.

New E-Verify® Requirements in Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed Florida Senate Bill 664, requiring all government employers and some private businesses in Florida to use E-Verify® or retain copies of Form I-9 Identity and verification documents for three years. The Florida legislation, which went into effect on January 1, 2021, follows similar legislation in many other states that also requires the use of E-Verify®. With Florida’s new E-Verify®requirements and likely more states to follow suit, it is more important than ever for hiring managers to simplify their employment eligibility systems.

Reminder: Employer Action Required on TNC’s within 10 Days

As a reminder, E-Verify requires enrolled employers to take action on all Tentative Nonconfirmations (TNC’s) within 10 federal government working days. If a TNC result is received for an employee, you must take the following steps within the deadline:

  • Notify the employee of their TNC result as soon as possible within the 10 days.
  • Give your employee a copy of the Further Action Notice.
  • Review the Further Action notice with your employee in private and have them confirm whether the information listed at the top is correct.
    • If the information is incorrect, close the case and select the statement indicating the information was not correct. After the case is closed, create a new case for your employee with the correct information.
    • If the information is correct, proceed to the next step.
  • Tell the employee that they must decide whether to take action on the TNC by the 10th day after the TNC is issued.

Not referring TNC cases to the Social Security Administration or Department of Homeland Security when an employee chooses to take action, or not closing a case when an employee chooses not to take action to resolve the TNC are violations that may result in compliance action, up to and including termination of your E-Verify account.

Benefits of E-Verify®

Employment eligibility verification has historically been a tedious and cumbersome process, but with E-Verify®, the process becomes much more user-friendly and intuitive since employers can store their I-9s and E-Verify® records with their background screening results to easily transition their candidates into employees.

The benefits of an electronic Form I-9 versus paper include:

  • E-Verify® ensures all legally required information is captured and notifies the employer when something is missing or requires action, such as in the case of an expiring document.  
  • E-Verify® is flexible enough to provide the ability to make changes at any time, all within the same platform used to screen the employee originally. 
  • E-Verify® documents all steps taken in a thorough and easily accessible audit trail.
  • Since many of our clients have multiple systems to work with to hire and onboard candidates, it makes sense to have employment eligibility wrapped into the same system used to evaluate their eligibility for hire.

Info Cubic’s E-Verify® Product

Info Cubic’s system gathers the information from a new hire’s accompanying electronic I-9 and runs it through E-Verify® automatically. The system also walks employers through each step required, simplifying a process that can be somewhat confusing and cause issues for an employer if handled improperly.  

Info Cubic’s E-Verify® product can integrate with the electronic I-9 employment eligibility solution for a seamless experience. With Info Cubic’s E-Verify® product, employers easily submit employee data through the E-Verify® process and can pair it with our electronic I-9 to make this process automated. The E-Verify® record can be stored in “The Cube” along with the employee’s background screen and drug results for a simple, one-stop solution. In addition to making the process as simple as possible for both employees and employers. Info Cubic’s E-Verify® solution securely submit employee’s data to E-Verify® for confirmation. When paired with Info Cubic’s electronic I-9 solution, the E-Verify® request can be automatically submitted using the information from the completed electronic I-9, making this a fast and simple way to stay compliant.

For more information on Info Cubic’s E-Verify® product, please contact us at 877.360.4636.

E-Verify® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security