New Feature in The Cube: Add to Order

Posted: April 20, 2021

We are happy to announce that a new feature has been added to our clients’ accounts – “Add to Order,” which gives the ability to easily add to an existing order in The Cube System. It is as easy to add a search to an existing order as it is to access the applicant’s HTML report in The Cube. On the right-hand side of the page in the box labeled “Actions,” you simply need to click “Add to this Order.” This new feature will save time since you will no longer need to reach out to Info Cubic to add a search to a candidate’s order. The applicant’s information will also auto populate into the subject section of your request. The new search goes live in our system right away ensuring the quickest turnaround time for your report regardless of your time zone. If you do not already have this feature enabled, please contact the Info Cubic Answer Desk so our Client Service Ninjas can turn this feature on for you. If you have questions about “Add to Order,” or any other features in The Cube, please reach out to our Client Service Ninjas at (877) 360-4636. Watch Video