Introducing…Info Cubic’s Secure Primary Data Center

Posted: May 24, 2021

Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs), including Info Cubic, frequently encounter consumers’ “Personally Identifiable Information,” or “PII,” while providing services to their clients. Given the sensitive nature of this personal data that Info Cubic handles daily, it is vital that we have a strong Information Security Policy in place. One crucial piece of Info Cubic’s general Information Security policy is our data center security, which we take very seriously.

Info Cubic’s primary data center is housed in a secure facility in Austin, Texas, an ideal location for data center services since it has a low historical occurrence of natural disasters, it is located far away from fault zones, and the area has zero hurricanes on record. In contrast, many other Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s), store their data in overseas locations that aren’t nearly as secure.

Info Cubic’s primary telecom-class data center is SSAE 16 SOC II Certified, PCI, HIPPA audited, and NEBS Standard Compliant. The data center’s equipment is N+1, meaning that if five diesel generators are required to maintain power, the data center has at least six diesel generators on hand and if 10 air conditioning units are required, the data center has at least 11, etc. The data center also has dual power feeds from the utility company via a power ring and multiple internet backbone connections.

Info Cubic’s Austin facility has extremely strict security requirements, including:

  • Employee access requires both a badge and a fingerprint scan.
  • Visitors are brought into a bulletproof man trap where they are identified.
  • Once a visitor is authorized to enter the facility, the outer door of the man trap is locked while the inner door is opened, allowing entrance to only screened individuals.
  • The front and back sides of all racks are monitored via recorded video as well as all data center entrances, exits, and the external generator and diesel tanks.

What does all of this mean for Info Cubic’s clients? You are never at risk of losing your data due to unauthorized access, a power outage or natural disaster. You can sleep at night knowing that your company’s data is held at the most secure location possible.

For more information on Info Cubic’s primary data center, or regarding our Information Security policies in general, please contact us at 888-925-0922. As an Info Cubic client, we can assure you that you will never have to worry about the security or accessibility of your data.