Info Cubic Celebrates Customer Service Week

Posted: October 05, 2020

Info Cubic Celebrates Customer Service Week

In a world that is increasingly dominated by automated systems, we are seeing a disturbing trend in customer service – it’s disappearing! Unfortunately, poor customer service has become common place, acceptable and unfortunately, “the new normal.”

This week at Info Cubic, we are celebrating Customer Service Week, which runs from October 5-9, 2020. Customer Service Week is an international celebration that recognizes the importance of strong customer service, along with the wonderful people who service and support customers.

We are especially very grateful for our amazing Client Service Ninjas who take great care of our clients every day, answering the phone in three rings or less and responding emails within less than an hour on average. We’ve heard that callers are able to “hear a smile through the phone” on every phone call. Our Ninjas truly love what they do!

Each Client Service Ninja brings his or her area of expertise to the team so there is always someone to help our clients with any need or issue that might arise:

  • Have a question about pre-employment drug screening? There’s a Ninja to ask.
  • Have a question about rebuilding packages that you ordered? There’s a Ninja for that!
  • Do you want help reviewing your invoices? Yes, there’s a Ninja for that, too!

Info Cubic’s Client Service Ninjas are experienced, knowledgeable, and well-trained. All Ninjas are educated on the complex network of laws and regulations that impact the art of background screening. And best of all, the Ninjas give all companies, regardless of size, the same level of client service. Most providers in the industry usually only reserve this treatment for their largest clients.

Our team is always here for you no matter what the issue may be. As always, If you require additional support, please contact our Client Service Ninjas at 1-877-360-4636, via chat on our website and The Cube, or via email at The Answer Desk is staffed from 6am-5pm MST. To further ease stress and frustration, all of our customer support team members are located in the United States. We guarantee if you need help, your experience will be pleasant and easy.

Thank you, Client Service Ninjas! We appreciate you always providing the best customer service in the business!

Rachel Suzuki
Client Care Team Leader
Info Cubic