Info Cubic announces expansion of drug and health screening services suite.

Posted: March 29, 2017

drug and health

Info Cubic, LLC, a leading employment screening company, is expanding its suite of health screening services to include physical exams and clinical screenings. “We understand that the needs of our clients extend well beyond a simple background check and drug test in many cases,” said Laura Lohnes, Product and Project Strategist with Info Cubic. “Our goal is to be the best partner for our clients we possibly can be, and by serving as their single source for employment and post-hire screening, we’re making their responsibilities just a little less complicated.” Info Cubic offers a wide variety of health screenings, designed to help companies fulfill internal requirements while remaining compliant with state and federal regulations. The new services include physical exams, such as: • Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical Exams • Non-DOT Physical Exams • Lift Tests • Eye Exams • Hearing Tests Info Cubic is also now offering clinical services, including (but not limited to): • TB Testing (PPD) • T-Spot TB Test • Chest X-Ray • Hepatitis A Titer • Hepatitis B Titer • MMR Titer • MMR Vaccination • Varicella (Zoster Virus) Titer • Varicella Vaccination Health screenings, such as physical exams, ensure a safe work environment by verifying that employees in safety sensitive positions are physically able to perform the job position’s responsibilities. Not completing the proper screening could open up an organization’s products, brand and even their employees to unnecessary risk. Give us a call today to find out how we can help protect your company with a full drug and health screening program. For more information, you can also visit our website at