Employment Drug Screening

Info Cubic has a nationwide network for employee drug screening that includes patient service centers and third-party collection sites.

Info Cubic offers a wide range of pre-employment and post-employment drug testing solutions to help your organization maintain a safe work environment, reduce absenteeism, decrease the risk of injury on the job, and stay compliant.

Complete Drug Testing Solutions:

Info Cubic’s pre-employment and post-employment drug screening is designed to fit your organization’s risk mitigation programs and safety protocols. With our expansive network of more than 20,000 collection sites nationwide and easy-to-use platform, Info Cubic’s drug testing process is convenient for you and your applicants. We offer:

  • Quick turnaround times with negative drug testing results available within 24 business hours

  • Online scheduling, tracking, and reporting, and easy process management

  • Integrated with your background checks for efficient ordering, billing and result delivery

  • Electronic chain of custody (COC) forms

  • Medical Review Officer services

  • Electronic reporting option


Employment Drug Testing:

Info Cubic can test for virtually any drug through urine, oral fluid, hair, and blood in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Test panels can be completely customized and available test types include lab-based or point of collection (instant).

Here are Info Cubic’s most frequently ordered employment drug tests:

THC (Marijuana)
Semi-synthetic Opioids
  5 Panel Urine/Hair                
  6 Panel Oral Fluid              
10 Panel Urine      
DOT Panel (Urine)            

Info Cubic offers additional workplace substance abuse testing solutions, including:

Vast Collection Network

Info Cubic boasts one of the nation’s largest collection networks with 20,000+ collection sites.

We’ll determine your locations and conduct a site match to determine what options work best for you and your applicants in terms of distance and cost, and then we’ll build out your scheduling options to match.

Paperless/Mobile Solution

Going paperless isn’t just a trend to help save the planet – its also the most efficient way to improve the interaction with your users and applicants.

  • Mobile friendly digital chain of custody
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Eliminate traditional custody and control forms
  • Decrease errors
  • Order online, no delays or additional costs associated with shipping

Easy Scheduling

Online scheduling, tracking, reporting and easy process management.

Featuring customizable timelines and numerous scheduling options for a mobile workforce with electronic chain of custody forms and Google Maps.

Auto Order: Manages candidate touch points on your behalf.

Donor Self Scheduling: Provides candidates the flexibility to choose their collection point, within your pre-defined network.

Fully Integrated

Integrated reporting for efficient billing and result delivery.

Access status updates and results online in real-time online with customizable reminders and notifications. Your background and drug test results are all on one report – no need for multiple systems!

Random Testing

Random drug testing is required under the DOT, and we offer a statistically valid, computer generated, random selection process that is fair, equitable and confidential.

Selections are made using the following process:

  • Assign each individual enrollee a system generated random number
  • Mix up all of the numbers for a specific pool
  • Choose a starting point for selecting the first individual
  • Repeat that process until correct number of selections have been made
  • All SSNs are masked on random selection reports for security
  • FAA 25% Drug/10% Alcohol
  • USCG 50% Drug/0% Alcohol
  • FMCSA 50% Drug/10% Alcohol
  • FTA 50% Drug/10% Alcohol
  • PHMSA 50% Drug/0% Alcohol
  • FRA 25% Drug/10% Alcohol
  • FRA MOW 50% Drug/25% Alcohol


How it Works

The candidate goes to collection site with their photo ID and an electronic donor pass generated from our mobile-friendly site or a paper chain of custody form provided to them by your organization.

The donor donates their specimen, or a trained phlebotomist will assist with the collection, if necessary.

The donor’s specimen is shipped to the lab for testing or is tested onsite. If the initial test is non-negative, whether tested onsite or at the lab, further testing will occur to confirm the finding.

The results will be transmitted to the Medical Review Officer (MRO) for review. If non-negative, the MRO will reach out to the candidate to complete an interview verifying if there is a medical explanation for the result.

Results are posted to our applicant portal, The Cube, for review.

Additional Drug Screening Services

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