Applicant Portal

Info Cubic’s mobile friendly Applicant Portal is designed to help you meet today’s applicants’ expectations for a hassle-free, paperless screening experience.

Today’s job candidates have high expectations for a positive applicant experience, including a convenient and streamlined background screening process. Nothing will frustrate a good candidate more than a cumbersome screening process and you want to make a strong first impression in this competitive hiring market.

The Applicant Portal

Introducing…The Applicant Portal, Info Cubic’s secure web-based customer platform.

The Applicant Portal allows applicants to log directly into the system and securely submit their background check info from text or e-mail from any device. They can electronically mouse sign a disclosure and authorization form (also commonly referred to as a consent form). Should an applicant fail to provide a necessary piece of information and log out of the system, or not log into the system in a timely manner, they will receive customizable reminder emails.


How does it work?


  • Clients log into The Cube to provide the applicant’s name, email address and background check package.

  • An invitationis sent to the applicant via email or text (or both) with a secure link to the Applicant Portal

  • The applicant provides all the required information for their background check.

  • The applicant electronically signs the necessary authorization forms.

  • That’s it! You can now sit back and wait for their background check to be returned in an average of 36 hours or less.


Here are a few benefits of The Cube’s Applicant Portal:

  • Minimizes data entry.
  • Does not require entering applicants’ personal information.
  • Eliminates the dreaded paper trail of consent forms.
  • Provides a quick, mobile-friendly, and excellent applicant experience.
  • Applicants can check the status of their background checks at any time.
  • Applicants feel like you get them!


For more details on the Applicant Portal or to see a demonstration, please contact us at 1-888-925-0922 or