Applicant Connect

As part of Info Cubic’s Applicant Connect service, our team will work directly with your applicants to collect post-order missing information.

We get it. Human Resources professionals are trying to do more with fewer resources these days, so you don’t always have time to track down missing information that is needed to complete applicants’ background checks, nor do you want to deal with the headaches from it. It may be time to consider Info Cubic’s contracted Applicant Connect service, which allows our team to work directly with your applicants to collect post-order missing information.

What is Applicant Connect?

As part of Info Cubic’s Applicant Connect service, the Info Cubic team will reach out to your applicants for missing information that is discovered after an order is submitted. Applicant Connect is especially helpful for companies that conduct global screenings or education and employment verifications that may require authorization codes specific to applicants, custom request forms, etc.


How Does Applicant Connect Work?

If there is missing background check information, we go to work to obtain it from your applicant. Here is how Applicant Connect works:

  • Customers can expect the first contact to be made with the applicant within four business hours of discovering missing information.
  • Info Cubic’s Applicant Connect team will contact the applicant for a total of three times over the course of three business days.
  • We will send follow-up text message to the applicant on the second and third days to remind the candidate that they need to return information to us.
  • We will reach out to the candidate via email, providing a portal link for the applicant to upload any missing documents.
  • Prior to contacting an applicant regarding missing information, we will review the entire order to make sure that we only need to reach out one time to the applicant for missing information.
  • While the attempts are being made, the search will remain “In Progress” and show a disposition of missing information. Attempts to gather information from the applicant will be documented for full transparency.
  • If the applicant is non-responsive or does not provide the requested information, the search will be completed and flagged as “Unable to Verify.”


We strive to ensure your that your background screening program is efficient, seamless, and as hands-off as possible for you. For more details on Info Cubic’s Applicant Connect service, or to see a demonstration, please contact us at 1-888-925-0922 or