We’re All In This Together

Posted: March 31, 2020

These are certainly challenging times, but one thing is certain: We will get through this together. Info Cubic is here for you and we are more committed than ever to providing fast and accurate background and drug screening products and services. Our focus, dedication, and service are steadfast as we navigate through these unique times.

What are we doing to support our clients?

Info Cubic is rallying our clients, assisting them wherever we can during these turbulent times. We understand that businesses of all sizes are experiencing some level of stress right now and while we may not always have the answers, we are dedicated to supporting all of our clients across the globe whether they are rapidly trying to fill essential medical positions, or looking to add employees remotely. Our team is working around the clock to provide solutions for our clients to help keep their team running or get back to work when the time is right.

Info Cubic is continuously monitoring the state of COVID-19 to make sure that we are up to date on all of the developments and we are here to support our clients with:

  • Access to real time information – Info Cubic understands that having access to real-time information is especially critical right now. We want to assure you that even though many physical locations are closed, over 95% of jurisdictions are still operating as normal because of online access. And, in the event that a courthouse is closed, and we can’t access the information online, we can pursue other options to quickly and efficiently complete background check reports.
  • Uninterrupted operations – Like most companies, the Info Cubic team is working remotely with full connectivity in order to provide clients with uninterrupted operations. We are doing all we can to make sure our global operations and Client Service Ninjas remain available to help you meet your staffing needs, so our business hours are unchanged for all team members. 
  • Unparalleled customer service – Our Client Service team is available by phone, email or chat to answer questions, assist with order changes and discuss any future event needs. To further ease stress and frustration during this time, all of our customer support team members are located in the United States and answer the phone in three rings or less. We guarantee if you need help, your experience will be pleasant and easy.
  • Effective communication – Info Cubic is committed to providing a high level of communication during this uncertain time, including keeping our clients updated on how Coronavirus (COVID-19) may impact their background and drug screening processing. We have created a landing page so our clients can access real-time updates on potential delays. Info Cubic regularly updates this page and adds notes to our clients’ orders with estimates on turnaround times.
  • Online products to assist with hiring remote employees – All of our background screening products are ordered and managed online via our mobile-friendly system, so your hiring process will be uninterrupted when hiring remote workers. Our screening will give you the peace of mind that even though your employees are remote, they have been thoroughly screened to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

As always, If you require any additional support, please contact our Client Service Ninjas at 1-877-360-4636, via chat on our website and The Cube, or via email at help@infocubic.com. We are here for you and we will get through this together!