Tips for a Successful Virtual Hiring Process

Posted: July 02, 2020

Tips for a Successful Virtual Hiring Process

Info Cubic is excited to help our clients get back to business and adjust to the “new normal” of the business world. In response to the onset of COVID-19, many companies have reluctantly turned to virtual hiring processes, including recruiting, interviewing, remote drug screening, and paperless onboarding. When hiring remotely, it’s more important than ever for companies to properly screen their employees since hiring workers without face-to-face interaction can present unique challenges, especially in high security situations.

While hiring new team members in a remote environment may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you create a solid plan of action and utilize the right tools. And, as always, it is crucial to offer the mobile-friendly, paperless screening solutions that your candidates expect.

Here are a few of our tips for successfully hiring and onboarding your employees virtually:

  • Create a structured virtual hiring plan that clearly defines and outlines your hiring plan and processes.
  • Communicate your virtual hiring plan to your colleagues to avoid internal confusion.
  • Eliminate the paper chain of custody forms from your background and drug screening programs.
  • Utilize an online meeting solution such as Zoom, Teams or GoToMeeting to help facilitate the remote interview process.
  • Offer mobile-friendly solutions and seamless technology to ease the process for your applicants.
  • Invest in technology, including an ATS, to streamline your hiring processes.
  • Plan and implement procedures for remote drug testing.
  • Focus on improving and customizing the candidate experience from start to finish.
  • Ensure that you are using a reliable and accurate background screening service.
  • Don’t skimp on background checks during this challenging time. They are more crucial than ever.
  • Keep your candidates informed throughout the virtual hiring and onboarding processes.

Info Cubic offers numerous online products to assist with hiring employees remotely. Our virtual background screening products will give you peace of mind that even though you are using a virtual hiring process, your employees have been thoroughly screened to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

All of Info Cubic’s background screening products are ordered and managed online via our mobile-friendly system, so your hiring process will be uninterrupted when hiring remote. Our free Applicant Portal feature is a mobile-friendly solution that will be sure to improve your candidate’s virtual onboarding experience, providing candidates with an electronic chain of custody form they can take with them via any smartphone or tablet. 

For information on how Info Cubic’s background screening products can help facilitate remote working and hiring, please contact us at 888-925-0922.

Info Cubic is excited to help you get back to business.