Professional/Personal Reference Check

Info Cubic's professional and personal reference checks can offer insight into an applicant's work ethic, reliability, personality, and ability to communicate and get along with others.

Our experienced verifications staff completes professional/personal reference checks by interviewing an applicant’s former or current colleagues, friends, and family members. Professional/personal reference checks can offer insight into a person’s work ethic, reliability, personality, and ability to communicate and get along with others. Info Cubic can assist you in developing the scope appropriate for your organization and positions for which you are hiring.

Did you know

Many employers have a company policy to verify the dates and position of former employees. While this is helpful in validating the information provided on a resume, it doesn’t necessarily tell you if the individual will be a good fit for your organization. This is why many employers count on personal or professional references to assess an individuals work ethic and determine if they will mesh with the company’s culture.

Recommended for

It’s important to know that employees reflect your company’s values at almost any level or position, but references can become extremely valuable for those who will be the face of your organization and present your culture outside of your four walls. They are also helpful when seeking to fill a management position, as your leaders should always support the growth and development of your culture and promote positive brand recognition both internally and externally.


Personal or professional contacts provided by the candidate.

Turnaround Time

6 – 72 hours

Information Required

  • Applicant Information - Name only
  • Names and contact information, including email. (Email leads to a stronger return rate with professional and personal references)

Results Guidelines

Information obtained through interviews with individuals regarding a candidate’s personal characteristics or job performance are subjective and based solely on the interpretation of the reference contact. This information is not necessarily a matter of record with a former employer. Consultation with qualified legal counsel is recommended for all employment law matters.

Potential Outcome (Result)

Verified: A call was placed to the contact, and an interview was conducted.
Review: Interview could not be completed due to source unavailability; reference declined to provide reference citing company policy, or extreme circumstances.
Missing Information: Information required to complete the interview is missing from the order.

Sample Report

Professional Reference for Jane Doe COMPLETE - Clear
Provided by Subject
Contact Phone 605-223-5550
Reference has completed reference check.
Time Known?
Ten years
What company did you work together at? For how long?
ABC Company for five year
Your Job Title at the time?
Vice President
His/Her Job Title?
Customer Service Manager
What was your reporting relationship to the candidate (peer, manager, etc.)
Direct supervisor
Why did this person leave the company?
Better opportunity to advance in field.
Please describe his/her key responsibilities in this role:
Jane managed a team of 25 Customer Service Agents. She was responsible for ensure phone and helpdesk coverage across all US time zones as well as meeting customer success objectives..
How would you describe his/her reliability and punctuality?
Jane was very reliable, always on time and rarely had any unplanned absences in the five years we worked together.
How would you describe his/her attitude and outlook in the workplace?
She was a leader that led by example - very positive.
Please describe his/her commitment to quality and productivity:
Jane took her quality and quantity goals and measures very seriously. She coached her team on how to be more effective. In her final year with our organization she brought down customer resolution time by ten minutes over previous year.
What are his/her most significant strengths?
Thinking outside of the box to solve problems, encouraging others to take initiative on their own, very open team environment where her direct reports felt comfortable sharing ideas for improvement.
In what areas could this individual improve?
What is your overall assessment of this individual?
Top 5% talent I have ever worked with.
Would you recommend him/her for a position with another company? Why or why not?
Absolutely, Jane would be of great benefit to any organization, most specifically in a leadership position.
Would you rehire him/her? Why or why not?
In a heartbeat.
Are there any additional comments you would like to make? Is there a question I may have missed asking?
Can our client/hiring company contact you directly if there are any remaining questions?
Personal Reference for Jane Doe COMPLETE - Clear
Provided by Subject
Contact Relationship CO-WORKER
Contact Phone 605-223-5550
Reference has completed reference check.
What is your relationship to the candidate?
How long have you known this individual?
Five years
Please describe his/her relationships with others.
Jane is very personable and works well with all co-workers.
How would you describe his/her attitude and outlook?
Jane is generally very positive. She is the first to rally the troops when a project is behind schedule or unforeseen challenges arise.
Would you consider him/her trustworthy? Can you provide an example of when this may have been put to the test?
Jane is very trustworthy. I recently had a personal situation and needed to be away from work. She picked up one of my projects and kept it on track in my absence.
What are his/her most significant strengths/best qualities?
Teamwork, positive attitude
What are his/her most significant weaknesses/areas that could use improvement?
She volunteers to do too much and gets behind!
What is your overall assessment of this individual?
Jane would be a wonderful addition to any team.
Does this individual have any technical expertise/hobbies that you believe are notable?
Jane is excellent at HTML coding.
If you had to pick one word or phrase that best sums up/describes this person, what would it
be and why?
In your opinion, if you had to pick the ideal job for this person what would it be and why?
Would you feel comfortable recommending this person for a position with a company? Why or
why not?
Are there any additional comments you would like to make or any additional information that you believe would be helpful?
You won't do better than Jane!


Q: Our organization would like to have specific questions asked of references. Can Info Cubic support custom questionnaires?
A: Info Cubic can absolutely support customized questions and would work with your organization to develop the questionnaire that works best for your organization.


Q: The reference is unresponsive. Is there anything the applicant can do to help?
A: If we do not reach the reference when we call, Info Cubic will leave a voicemail introducing ourselves. We recommend that you prepare your reference ahead of time so they are on the lookout for a call from us. We can also conduct the interview via email if this works better for the reference.


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