Professional License Verification

Info Cubic offers professional license checks, including licences for educators, CPAs, attorneys and medical professionals

Info Cubic’s Professional License verification checks that the applicant has a valid license as claimed. Common licenses verified are CPA, RN, MD, state bar, etc. Info Cubic can develop the scope appropriate for your organization and industry, and can customize packages with scopes appropriate for the positions you are hiring for.

Did you know

People are getting ever craftier when it comes to trying to fake their way into a position they have no business holding. Today you can simply search “fake license certificate” and be presented with dozens of websites ready to print up a diploma and accompanying license for whatever field you want to try out, for anything from CPA to medical professionals. Verifying licenses is a crucial step in your screening and risk mitigation program.

Recommended for

Any position where it is important to verify your applicant’s qualifications based on provided information related to their professional license (i.e., attorneys, medical practitioners, real estate agents, accountants, etc.)


A Professional License is verified with the state or federal agency that issued the license. While some agency records are available online, many others are only available through telephone, fax, email or mailed requests.

Turnaround Time

6 – 72 hours

Information Required

  • Applicant Information – Name and Date of Birth
  • License number, license type and issuing agency information

Results Guidelines

When available, license number, date of issuance and expiration are provided along with any disciplinary action on file. Agencies that issue professional licenses do not always have access to a complete history of restrictions or violations. Most often, the Professional License Verification simply provides the current status of the license claimed. If the applicant does not provide complete name, license number, license type and issuing agency information, it is often difficult or impossible to verify the license. Consultation with qualified legal counsel is recommended for all employment law matters.

Potential Outcome (Result)

Clear A call was placed to the issuing agency and the information provided by the candidate was verified with license in good standing
Review: No matching records found, license is not in good standing, no response from source
Missing Information: Information required to complete the report is missing from the order. Info Cubic can reach out to you for assistance, or to the candidate directly using our Applicant Connect product. Call us at 1-888-925-0922 for more information.

Sample Report

Professional License COMPLETE - Clear
Provided by Subject Information Verified
License Location:
License State: MN MN
License Number: 987654321 987654321
Date Received:
Expiration Date: 12/15/2018 12/15/2018
License Status: ACTIVE ACTIVE
Order Comments:
Person Interviewed:
Researched By:
Research Comments:


Q: What is verified through a professional license verification?

A: In a Professional license verification, Info Cubic verify an applicant’s professional license or professional certificate. This does not include things such as a driver’s license, course completion certificates or organizational memberships.


Q: What is the difference between a professional license and a professional certificate?

A: A professional license is generally issued by a government agency for a regulated industry (such as healthcare, lawyers, teachers, etc.), and is either issued at the state or national level. Professional certificates are earned from a professional society, university, certification bodies or private certifiers. While generally not issued by the government, some governmental agencies can require that certain certificates be held in order to perform a task or a job.


Q: What type of information do you verify in a professional license search?

A: Info Cubic will attempt to verify the license type, the issuing organization, the issue date, expiration date, and whether there were any disciplinary actions attached to the license/certificate. Some licenses are lifetime and have no expiration date.



For further details call us today at 1-888-925-0922

The Cube Feature

All fields on the Professional License Verification screen can be made required or not required, re-ordered, re-labeled, or removed entirely. By default we will ask for and require the pieces of information commonly required to complete the search, but we are open to discussing customizations with clients to meet their needs.

Custom client instructions can be added to Professional License Verifications at the account or even package level. This allows customers the flexibility to provide specific direction to applicants as it relates to their requirements. All requested instructions will go through an internal approval process at Info Cubic before being added to a client account.