Equifax/Work Number Employment History

Equifax data verifications use the power of the Work Number to check all employment history in their database. The Work Number is a database integrated with thousands of employers’ payroll data to log job history. This is a simple, secure and discreet way to get employment history you need.

Did you know

High employee turnover can cost your organization valuable dollars — and regrettable hires can be even more costly.


Do you know the relationship between pre-employment verifications and retention rates?


Pre-employment verifications can raise retention rates. Some companies even saw their two-year retention rates raise by 59%!

Recommended for

The Equifax/Work Number Employment History report would benefit any industry that traditionally deals with very high turnover rates such as:

  • Retail & Consumer Products
  • Food Service/Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Transportation
  • Technology (Software)
  • Hospitality
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Professional Services
  • Government/Education/Non-Profit


Equifax/ The Work Number

Turnaround Time

4 - 8 hours

Information Required

• Applicant Information – Name, Social Security number, and Date of Birth

Results Guidelines

Employment history verification using the Work Number results include only information the former and current employer entered on the Work Number according to its company policy. This may limit the information received to only dates of employment and position, but may extend into information related to salary, variable compensation. Info Cubic will provide all information received from the source to our clients.

Potential Outcome (Result)

Clear: A match was found in The Work Number system, dates and position match what was provided by the candidate.
Review: No matching records found, significant discrepancy between provided and verified information.

Sample Report

Self-Reported Data

Jonathan applies to ABC Bus as driver  
Jonathan's Application  
XYZ Market   Greeter
OCT '17 to May '18
DEF Garage   Mechanic

May '16 - Sep '17


Equifax Verified Data

Equifax returns:
verified XYZ Market   Greeter
NOV '17 to May '18
Omitted Speedy Trucks   Truck Driver
OCT '17 to OCT '17
verified DEF Garage   Mechanic

May '16 - Sep '17


Q: What is The Work Number, and how many active records does the Work Number hold?

A: The Work Number is a 3rd party verification service, through the Equifax employment database, that employers use to store and verify employment record information. Currently the database has 80 million active records.


Q: Why is The Work Number more accurate than a traditional verification?

A: The Work Number is a database that holds current and past employment information. This data allows employers to verify the information listed on the candidate’s resume as well as omitted information. This leads to more accuracy.


Q: What happens if my previous employer did not use The Work Number?

A: If your previous employer did not enter information into The Work Number then our expert verification staff will continue to traditionally verify information supplied by the applicant. This information can include, dates of employment and position(s) held. Per the employer’s policy, reason for leaving, rehire status, starting and ending pay rates, performance, reason for departure, rehire status, and any other general comments may be available.


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The Cube Feature

Many candidates wish to hold off on verifying their present employer until after an offer has been accepted. The Cube will require a “yes” or “no” answer to whether an applicant has provided authorization to contact any current or former employer. Any employment where authorization to contact is not expressly provided will automatically cancel itself. This leaves no room for human error in contacting an employer that should be not contacted. Historically, most Consumer Reporting Agencies, like Info Cubic, have been very careful about not contacting current employers without applicant permission for obvious reasons. Because some past employers may be related to or have been acquired by current employers we ask the question on each employment. This provides one more step of assurance that a current employer will not be contacted if not authorized.

All fields on the Employment Verification screen can be made required or not required, re-ordered, re-labeled, or removed entirely. By default we will ask for and require the pieces of information commonly required to complete the search, but we are open to discussing customizations with clients to meet their needs.

Custom client instructions can be added to Employment Verifications at the account or even package level. This allows customers the flexibility to provide specific direction to applicants as it relates to their requirements. All requested instructions will go through an internal approval process at Info Cubic before being added to a client account.