County Criminal Records

Info Cubic searches County Criminal Records at county courthouses electronically through our nationwide network of court researchers for accurate results.

Info Cubic’s County Criminal Records reports show criminal court records such as felonies, misdemeanors, and in some cases, lesser violations like traffic offenses and ordinance violations. Legal violations are found by searching the upper and lower courts in 3,100+ jurisdictions across the United States. There are a few exceptions to this rule that apply when a county has a large number of low level city or municipal courts that each require individual searches (examples include several counties in Ohio and Arizona) – in which case our internal researchers or court research partners search the district/common pleas/upper court and the lower court located in the county seat. Info Cubic strives to provide the most complete information possible, however, in situations in which courts records aren’t centrally located, meaning their district/common pleas/upper court and the lower court are located in two separate facilities or physical locations, it’s common to only retrieve the upper court records.

Did you know

Per reporting from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, nearly 1 in 3 adults in the United States has some kind of criminal record. However, this does not mean everyone who has a criminal record is not the right fit for your organization. Many of the records considered in this statistic are arrest only, juvenile, or other records which should not be used in a hiring decision per legal guidance. Info Cubic always provides best practice recommendations to our clients and ensures only criminal records that can be taken into consideration in a hiring decision are reported. Also, a candidate with a conviction should not be automatically disqualified simply for that fact. The EEOC and other agencies advise that a criminal record should be directly related to the responsibilities of the position to be taken into consideration, including felony records. Info Cubic can work with you to implement an adjudication matrix to help you more easily identify those convictions of concern to your organization.

Recommended for

Any risk adverse organization regardless of size or industry. Since most criminal court cases originate at the county level, county criminal searches provide the most up-to-date and accurate criminal records. Therefore, we highly recommend this search as a core element for any of our clients seeking criminal records.


A county criminal records search obtains information, including felony and misdemeanor conviction records, from the upper and lower courts in the specified county.

Turnaround Time

6 -72 hours

Information Required

  • Applicant Information – Name, date of birth, and address history
  • Applicant AKA – Additional names that an applicant’s record might be filed under (maiden names, nicknames, etc.)

Results Guidelines

Reporting must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and any applicable state laws. All felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, and related activity on record are also reported. Open arrest warrants, cases awaiting trial and charges for failure to appear are also included when available and legally reportable. Laws vary state to state regarding criminal record use in hiring decisions; thus, consultation with qualified legal counsel is highly recommended.

Potential Outcome (Result)

Clear: No criminal records were found matching the subject information provided.
Review: Any legally reportable record found; a pending case or a conviction is found matching the subject information provided.
Missing Information: Information/documentation required to proceed has not been provided. Info Cubic can reach out to you for assistance or to the candidate directly using our Applicant Connect product. Call us at 1-888-925-0922 for more information.

Sample Report

County Criminal History in DENVER county CO years:7 for JANE DOE COMPLETE - Review
Search Type: Felony Including Misdemeanor
Case #123456789
Identified By : name, date of birth
Additional identifiers : Name On File: Doe, Jane; DOB On File: 8/01/****
Case Number: 123456798 Offense Date: 07/01/2017
Filing Date: 07/01/2015 Disposition Date: 08/01/2015
Charge Information
Disposition: GUILTY
Type: Fine
Date Active Suspended Completed: $150.00
County Criminal History in BOULDER county CO years:7 for JANE DOE COMPLETE - Clear
Search Type: Felony Including Misdemeanor
No Records Found
in BOULDER county CO years:7


Q: Which is the better search for obtaining criminal record information: counties or statewide searches?

A: Generally, county criminal searches are the most informative. While there are some states that have more inclusive and detailed statewide record repositories, most county level searches are more reliable than their statewide counterparts. They tend to include more accurate and up to date information from more courts in the county. To obtain guidance on county versus statewide recommendations in specific states, please reach out to us.


Q: Are all courts in the county included in a county criminal search?

A: Not always. Some counties have multiple lower level courts (such as Ohio counties with their vast number of smaller, Municipal courts), and not all courts are included in each county search. Info Cubic strives to provide the most complete information possible, however, in situations where courts records aren’t centrally located, it’s common to only retrieve the upper court records which will contain the most serious convictions.


Q: What type of records can I expect in a county criminal search?

A: Depending on the location, you will generally receive records back for Felony and Misdemeanor charges; however, some jurisdictions will return “Unknown” or “Unclassified” (or “Indictable” and “Non-Indictable” in New Jersey) charge types of a criminal nature.


Q: How far back is the record information that you report?

A: County criminal records are provided at least for the past 7 years; however, may go back further depending on the laws for that particular state. If a county search with a 10 years scope is ordered, Info Cubic will provide at least 10 years of criminal record information whenever possible (where the state does not limit reporting of conviction information to 7 years).


Q: Are criminal searches conducted searching by the social security number?

A: No. Criminal searches are conducted using the name and date of birth. While the SSN may be used as an additional identifier or run through our Social Security Number Trace to find additional addresses and names associated with the candidate, criminal records are always recorded by name and date of birth. As criminal searches are public record, courts do not generally use the SSN to file the information.


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