Air Carrier Employment Verification

The Air Carrier Employment Verification utilizes FAA forms 8060-11, 8060-11a and 8060-12 to obtain employment verifications, PRIA records, and information regarding Drug and Alcohol Program violations and return to duty test results from current/previous employer(s) for which the candidate was employed as a pilot within the past 5 years.

Did you know

Between 1987 and 1994, US Air Carrier industry suffered at least 7 fatal commercial airline accidents due to the absence of background checks being conducted on pilots. Reviews later revealed that the Pilots involved had prior safety violations and/or training problems. As a result, Congress passed the Federal Aviation Reauthorization Act of 1996, commonly referred to the Pilot Records Improvement Act of 1996 (PRIA). PRIA Authorizes the mandatory gathering and sharing of records from the FAA and previous employers, which allows an air carrier to make an informed decision before extending a firm offer of employment to a pilot applicant.

Recommended for

PRIA requires that a hiring air carrier under 14 CFR parts 121 and 135, or a hiring air operator under 14 CFR part 125, request, receive, and evaluate certain information concerning a pilot/applicant’s training, experience, qualification, and safety background, before allowing that individual to begin service as a pilot with their company.


The pilot candidate’s current/previous employer(s) for which the candidate was employed as a pilot within the past 5 years.

Turnaround Time

Previous employers are required by law to return all requested records
within 30 calendar days after receiving the request.

Information Required

  • Full Name
  • Airman Certificate Number(s) and Certification type
  • FAA Form 8060-11, FAA Form 8060-11a and FAA Form 8060-12

Results Guidelines

Previous employers should provide back the following information for the past 5 years:

  • Records pertaining to the individual, including drug and alcohol, if applicable.
  • Records pertaining to the individual’s professional performance as a pilot.
  • Records pertaining to the individual’s employment history with that company.
  • Disciplinary Records pertaining to the individual’s performance as a pilot.

Potential Outcome (Result)

Clear: Information provided by the candidate was verified with no discrepant information; no adverse Drug and Alcohol Program records reported; PRIA Records returned by the Employer.
Review: No matching records found; significant discrepancy between provided and verified information; candidate is not eligible for rehire; Adverse Drug and Alcohol Program records reported; PRIA Records and/or Drug and Alcohol Program Records not provided.
Missing Information: No Response from the Source; The company is no longer in business, and records were not transferred to another entity; The candidate's records are no longer available.

Sample Report

Air Carrier Employment Verification with ABC AIRLINE (01/01/2008 – 12/01/2019) - Clear
Employer: ABC Airline
       Provided by Subject Provided by Source
Employer Name:          ABC AIRLINE ABC AIRLINE
Address 1: 123 4TH AVE 123 4TH AVE
Address 2: SUITE 1 SUITE 1
State:            MN MN
Zip:    55344 55344
Position/Title:         AIRMAN AIRMAN
Dates From:   01/01/2008 01/10/2008
Dates To:            12/01/2019 12/18/2019
Reason for Leaving:
Eligible for Rehire:
Reason for rehire eligibility:
AKA’s on file:
Human Resources/Safety
Research Comments:
1. Did the employee have any confirmed alcohol tests with a concentration of 0.04 or higher? NO
2. Did the employee have any verified positive drug tests? NO
3. Did the employee refuse to be tested? NO
4. Did the employee have other violations of DOT agency drug and/or alcohol testing regulations? NO
5. Did a previous employer report a drug and/or alcohol rule violation to you? NO
6. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above items, did the employee complete the ‘return-to-duty’ process? N/A
Please see attached copies of provided PRIA records as required under 49 U.S.C. § 44703(h) (1) (B).
Date/Time Investigator Source Name Source Title Source Location Source Phone/Fax Method Outcome
Wed Apr 1 2020 08:00:09 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time) ic/PRIATeam1   Air Carrier Representative     Phone A call was placed to the reference.
Comments: Source stated they would provide an ETA before the end of the day.
Wed Apr 1 2020 10:21:08 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time) ic/PRIATeam1   Air Carrier Representative     Fax A fax has been sent and a follow up call will be initiated.


Q: Do I need to order a standard Employment Verification in addition to the Air Carrier Employment Verification in order to receive verification of employment details in addition to obtaining PRIA Records and Drug and Alcohol Program records?
A: No. Info Cubic's Air Carrier Employment Verification not only requests the PRIA records from the Pilot Candidate's current/previous Air Carrier employers and receives Drug and Alcohol Program information, it also includes a verification of the Candidate's employment detais, such as title, start and end date and reason for leaving. You do not need to order separate products to obtain this information.


Q: If the Current/Previous Employer does not provide the required PRIA records and drug and alcohol program information in the legally required 30-day time period, how will Info Cubic help us prove a Good Faith Effort to the FAA?
A: Info Cubic's PRIA Verifiers clearly and consistently document all attempts made to the Source in the report so it is visible and available to you. We make multiple valid attempts per day and communicate any and all ETA updates provided. At day 15, if we have not reached the appropriate person at the Air Carrier and have not received an ETA, we will send a Certified Letter with a Return Receipt which will be documented in the search as well. If the employer has not provided the reqyuired records in 30 days, the search will be Completed as "Unable to Verify", you will be promptly notified, and all attempts will be documented so that you can prove that we made sufficient attempts to reach the company.


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