International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

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Most companies claim to be the best in the industry – Info Cubic has the ISO Certification to prove it.

Info Cubic’s ISO Certification –
Actual Stats:

Info Cubic’s Quality Management System has stringent standards in place for every aspect of our company, from turnaround times, to data accuracy, to client retention – even how quickly we answer our phones.

These rigorous standards are continually measured, audited and improved upon to ensure we deliver the highest level of service possible. The following are actual stats showing exactly how you’ll benefit from working with Info Cubic:

Updated: January of 2023

accuracy99.99%Maintaining a 99.99% accuracy ratingDetailsfast32.85 hrs32.85 hours
turnaround time
service44 minsEmails replied to in 44 mins
phones answered in 3 rings
satisfaction100.0%Customer RetentionDetails