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Country Overview

Composed of seven provinces (Alajuela, Cartago, Guanacaste, Heredia, Limon, Puntarenas and San Jose), Costa Rica employs a civil law system modeled after the Spanish civil code. Costa Rica's official language is Spanish, although English is also well understood and used.

Costa Rica is considered to have one of the more robust data privacy laws in Central America. Passed in 2011, the Ley de Protección de la Persona Frente al Tratamiento de sus Datos Personales (the Law for Protection of the Person with Regards to the Processing of His or Her Personal Data) affords many protections to individuals over the collection, processing and use of personal data.

Under the law, personal data is defined as "data concerning an identified or identifiable physical person" and sensitive personal data includes information relating to an individual's racial origin, political opinions, religious or spiritual convictions, socioeconomic condition, biomedical or genetic information and sexual life and orientation (among others). Unless an exception is met, individuals cannot be obligated to provide sensitive data.

Express and informed consent (which must be in writing in either a physical or electronic document) is required before personal data may be collected and processed. Data transfers may also only occur when the individual has expressly authorized such activity.

For further information, download our Costa Rica Country Data Sheet.

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  Costa Rica Criminal Records Search - Nationwide 


Requirements: Name, DOB, Address, Passport Copy, Release Form

Criminal records checks in Costa Rica are available. The search is conducted at the national level.

  Costa Rica Civil Records Search 


Requirements: Name, date of birth, address

This search is conducted at the local level through the court based on the jurisdiction of the city provided. Report may include case type, file date, case number, name of court where case was filed, plaintiff, defendant and disposition if a case can be located.

  Education Degree Verification in Costa Rica 


Requirements: Name, date of birth, school name, degree, major, dates of attendance, city of school, release form

It is common to verify only the highest degree obtained by a candidate. Educational institutions will be contacted to verify dates of attendance, graduation date and degree information.

  Employment Verification in Costa Rica 


Requirements: Name, date of birth, employer name and contact information, release form, date of employment, position held

Employers will be contacted to verify the individual’s title, dates of employment and if the candidate is eligible for rehire. Typically employment verifications do not extend beyond a 7 year time frame absent a legal or regulatory requirement to obtain that information. Current employers will only be contacted with express consent from the applicant.

  Reference Check in Costa Rica 


Requirements: Name in Spanish, date of birth, Reference's relationship, contact name and contact information (including phone number and email address)

This search is conducted via telephone (or at times e-mail) with the individual’s personal or professional references using a standard list of questions.

  Motor Vehicle Records 


The motor vehicle records search will confirm if the individual possesses a driver’s license. Details of the driving record may be provided if available.

  Credit Report 


Requirements: Requirements: Name, DOB, Address, Release Form, ID Number (Cédula persona física, DIMEX number, or Extranjero con identificación CCSS)

The individual credit report provides a summary of an individual's credit history. Other information provided in the report may include information on the individual's bad debt and collections, trade account information, bankruptcies and court liens or judgments.

  Global Monitor Check 


Requirements: Name, date of birth, address

The Global Monitor Check (GMC) is database product that searches a variety of databases including (but not limited to):

  • • Bank of England Sanctions
  • • Commodity Futures Trading Commission List of Regulatory and Self-Regulatory Authorities
  • • Defense Trade Controls (DTC) Debarred Parties
  • • FBI Fugitives 10 Most Wanted, Most Wanted Terrorists and Monthly Most Wanted
  • • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Special Alert List
  • • Foreign Agent Registrations
  • • International Police Most Wanted
  • • Office of Foreign Asset Control
  • • OFAC - Enhanced Sanctioned Countries
  • • OFAC – Palestinian Legislative Council
  • • Office of Controller of Currency of Unauthorized Banks
  • • OSFI - Canada
  • • Politically Exposed Persons
  • • State Department Terrorist Exclusions
  • • Terrorists Inside of European Union
  • • Terrorists Outside of European Union
  • • United Nations Named Terrorists
  • • US Bureau of Industry and Security - Unverified Entity List
  • • US Bureau of Industry and Security - Denied Entity List
  • • US Bureau of Industry and Security - Denied Person List
  • • World Bank Ineligible Firms

  ID Check in Costa Rica 


Requirements: Name, DOB, Address, Consent Form, Identification Card Color Copy (Front and Back)

A validation and/or verification of the data subject’s identity documents.

  Directorship Check in Costa Rica 


Requirements: Name, date of birth, address, passport copy, company name where directorship was held, company address, In-Country Residence History Form

A search to determine if a candidate had fiduciary or board of directors responsibilities for a company.

Individual Packages   Signup

  Employment Screening Package 


Requirements: Name, date of birth, school name, degree obtained, dates of attendance, city of school, employer name, contact information, dates of employment, position, release form

The employment screening package provides discounted price rather than ordering individual products. It Includes:

  • - Criminal Background Check
  • - Highest Degree Verification
  • - One Employment Verification

  Criminal and Civil Search Package 


Requirements: Name, DOB, Address, Passport Copy, Release Form

The Criminal and Civil Search Package offers discounted pricing of our most popular searches. This bundle includes one criminal records search and one civil records search, based on the jurisdiction of the address provided.


Costa Rican cÉdula number

National ID in Costa Rica is called cedula #. It’s 9 digits.

a cAcdula de identidad is the only valid ID document for many purposes including criminal background checks; for example, a driving license or passport is not valid to open a bank account. The term "cAcdula" may also colloquially refer to the number on the identity document.


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