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Info Cubic, a leading employment, and drug screening company, provides world-class customer service and the fastest, most individualized, and accurate background screening reports for the staffing industry.

Hiring Challenges in the Staffing Industry

It is vital for staffing agencies and recruiters to thoroughly screen their candidates, especially since one poor hire can result in a damaged reputation, lost business, increased liability and strained client relationships. Because of this, the staffing industry faces many unique challenges during the hiring and recruitment process, including:

  • Ongoing pressure to fill employment vacancies quickly and efficiently
  • Focus on building client retention and standing out from the competition in an ultra-competitive market
  • Operate with low margins, which increases the importance of reducing costs and maximizing efficiency
  • Slow and inaccurate results from background screening companies delay the hiring process, leading to lost candidates.
  • Staffing managers are constantly short on time, dealing with many candidates at one time
  • Cumbersome background check processes with outdated technology results in poor candidate experiences

Conducting background checks will reduce turnaround time, streamline the hiring process, and decrease liability for staffing companies. From criminal record checks to social security traces, Info Cubic is a “one-stop-shop” partner for staffing companies, offering an easy-to-use platform, a 12.78-hour turnaround time for all non-instant searches, and a 99.9% accuracy rate.

With Info Cubic, you will be onboarding new hires while others are still waiting for the results of their background check reports. Info Cubic also offers a secure web-based customer platform applicant portal feature, which allows applicants to log directly into the system from their computer or mobile device.

Please contact us at 877.360.4636 for more information on employment screening for the Staffing industry.

Background Screenings for the Staffing Industry

Whether you are hiring for c-suite level positions, temporary roles, permanent positions, or seasonal workers, Info Cubic can customize a staffing agency background check package based on your needs.


Recommended Background Screening Products for the Staffing Industry:

Info Cubic can customize Staffing background check packages based on your organization's unique hiring needs. Please contact us at 877.360.4636 for more information.

Customized Solutions

  • We can create customized packages to meet all your clients’ various needs.

  • We customized billing and reference codes to help with tracking and invoicing reports, which can also be included on completed reports and itemized invoices. The reference codes can be a required field in the form of a free text field or a drop-down menu.

  • Our Implementation Specialists will activate your account within four business hours on average. If you need any new packages or products based on your client’s needs, we can get them implemented within two business hours on average. No more waiting around for hours on end or even days for a new package to be created!

  • Our Applicant Portal will send a secure email invite to applicants with instructions on how to provide the information needed to run their screening package.

  • The applicant can electronically sign all FCRA forms and order their drug screen (if needed) from any smart device.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Great Job Team. If I was a NFL draft agent and you were a football player I would draft your team in a heartbeat.

Robert R,   Technical Recruiter,    Staffing Industry

The HR administrator and I are so pleased with how expeditiously and efficient your company performs. Keep up the great work….

Derreck B,   Security Manager,    Transportation Industry

Thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate how fast you got this done. I have received an unparalleled client experience….

Karen S.,   Office Manager,    IT Staffing Industry

Thank you for making what can be an arduous process – so clean and simple! We are very excited about working with your firm

Karen R.,   Director of Client Services,    Staffing Industry

Thank you! I can’t get over how fast I am getting the information back. You guys are awesome!

Theresa S.,   Human Resources,    Roofing Industry