Healthcare Industry

Info Cubic streamlines the healthcare industry’s hiring process through speed, accuracy, service, and compliance.

Hiring Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

We feel your pain. The healthcare industry faces many unique challenges during the hiring and process, including:

  • High level of competition to recruit the most qualified candidates
  • Constantly changing laws and regulations
  • Potential liabilities from hiring the wrong candidates
  • Recruiting for candidates with very specific skills, education, and licenses
  • Cumbersome background check processes for applicants and hiring managers

From criminal records to FACIS® searches, Info Cubic is a “one-stop-shop” partner, offering an easy-to-use platform, a 12.78-hour turnaround time for all non-instant searches, and a 99.9% accuracy rate.

With Info Cubic, you will be onboarding new hires while others are still waiting for the results of their background check reports. We will also keep you updated on litigation changes, so you never need to worry about compliance issues.

Please contact us at 877.360.4636 for more information on employment screening for the Healthcare industry.

Customized Solutions

  • The Info Cubic system can accommodate a main account for a company’s headquarters, along with as many sub-accounts as needed. You can set up super users who have access to all accounts or normal users who can only view reports within their local branch account.

  • When placing orders, users can choose from a customized list of billing or reference codes, which can be found on completed reports and itemized invoices. The reference codes can be either a free text field or a drop-down menu with the option of being a required field. Our team can create as many reference codes as you need.

  • Info Cubic’s system allows you to choose access levels for all authorized users - from entry-level to decision-makers. For example, managers may be granted full access to all reports and invoicing info while lower-level employees may only be able to order reports but not view results. Furthermore, we can set it up so all “clear” reports will be sent to employees with lower-level access while any reports with negative info will only be sent to managers.

  • Your HR team can take advantage of subject-level adjudication so whoever is reviewing the report can note if the information found is “clear” or “needs review."

  • By utilizing robust and standardized search packages you can ensure that all new hires for certain positions receive the same types of credentialing during the background check process rather than picking and choosing searches from an à la carte menu which can result in liability risks.

  • Info Cubic’s Ongoing Criminal Monitoring product allows companies to protect their clients, employees, and brand by mitigating the risk of employing employees with post-hire criminal convictions. more...

What Our Clients Are Saying

Great Job Team. If I was a NFL draft agent and you were a football player I would draft your team in a heartbeat.

Robert R,   Technical Recruiter,    Staffing Industry

The HR administrator and I are so pleased with how expeditiously and efficient your company performs. Keep up the great work….

Derreck B,   Security Manager,    Transportation Industry

Thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate how fast you got this done. I have received an unparalleled client experience….

Karen S.,   Office Manager,    IT Staffing Industry

Thank you for making what can be an arduous process – so clean and simple! We are very excited about working with your firm

Karen R.,   Director of Client Services,    Staffing Industry

Thank you! I can’t get over how fast I am getting the information back. You guys are awesome!

Theresa S.,   Human Resources,    Roofing Industry