Ten Reasons Why Our Client Ninjas Are the Best!

Posted: October 03, 2021

Info Cubic Celebrates Customer Service Week
October 4-8, 2021

In a world that is increasingly dominated by automated systems, there is a disturbing trend in customer service – it’s disappearing! Unfortunately, poor customer service has become common place, acceptable and unfortunately, “the new normal.” We are grateful that this isn’t the case at Info Cubic, where our Client Service Ninjas deliver exemplary service to our clients every day.

This week (October 4-8, 2021), we are celebrating Customer Service Week, an international celebration that recognizes the importance of strong customer service, along with the wonderful people who service and support customers. This year’s theme is “The Power of Service.”

To celebrate National Customer Service Week, we have compiled a list of ten reasons why Info Cubic’s US-Based Client Service Ninjas are the absolute best in the business:

  1. Our Ninjas give all companies, regardless of size, the same level of client service.
  2. Each Ninja brings his or her area of expertise to the team so there is always someone to help our clients with any need or issue that might arise.
  3. We’ve been told that callers can “hear a smile through the phone” from our Ninjas.
  4. Info Cubic been named to the 2020 HRO Today’s “Baker’s Dozen,” the industry’s largest customer service satisfaction survey, as part of the “Overall Enterprise Pre-Employment Screening Leaders” list. This definitely wouldn’t have been possible without our Ninjas.
  5. All our Ninjas are FCRA-certified and can help you with those nitty gritty compliance matters.
  6. Each Ninja is trained on operational efficiency procedures, including identifying opportunities to reduce spend, decrease turnaround time, and forecast trends.
  7. Our Ninjas are fun, interesting people who come from a diverse and inclusive range of backgrounds. You will enjoy working with them!
  8. Our Ninjas truly love what they do!

To further ease stress and frustration, our Client Service Ninjas are in the United States. We guarantee if you need help, your experience will be pleasant and easy.

Info Cubic’s Client Service team is always here for you no matter what the issue may be. You can contact us at 1-800-886-4777. Happy Customer Service Week!