Something to Consider: an “ATS-Lite” Hybrid Approach

Posted: May 01, 2020

ATS-Lite Hybrid Approach

If you are thinking about implementing an Applicant Tracking System, there are many things to consider. Not all companies are ready for the investment or commitment. If you are above the 25/250 threshold described in “Nine Signs You May Need an Applicant Tracking System” (25 new hires per year, or 250 applicants per job posting), then you really should consider an ATS. However, you have to be aware of the disadvantages of them and adjust accordingly.

There are some things that an ATS can do—such as automation, candidate database management, and interview support—that are critical functions that most organizations will need. But for other functions of the hiring process, including candidate experience, there are better tools to meet your needs.

What Do We Recommend?

We recommend an ATS-Lite approach: choose an affordable ATS, implement what core functions of the ATS makes sense for you, and then layer on additional tools that are best-in-breed for their segment of the hiring process.

Once you step outside of the legacy ATS providers that have been around for a long time, you find a crop of providers that are modern, heavily-focused on the user experience and design, have a good sense of what most customers need the most, and are easier to integrate with third-party tools. They’re also highly-rated, and affordable. In this class, we’re looking at providers like BambooHR, Bullhorn,Greenhouse, JazzHR, Workable, Workday, and Zoho Recruit.

 In this scenario, you may have a tool for sourcing candidates (job postings, social media sourcing, paid search/advertising), a tool for applicant management and automation (an ATS), a tool for interviews (if you do video interviews, practical exercises, or other interview formats) and then a tool/provider for efficiently completing background checks. Importantly, you will want to have a strong integration plan to ensure that all of your systems can speak to each other. Some tools will be able to speak to each other right out of the box, others will need some development time set aside.

If you have a legitimately strong hiring process, this technology stack will enable your hiring organization rather than constrain it.

Manage Background Checks with Applicant Portal and Applicant Connect

Here at Info Cubic, we are not only one of the leading providers of background checks. We also understand the role background checks play in one of the most time-sensitive portions of the hiring process. To help employers and candidates ensure a smooth and timely process, we’ve created our own Applicant Portal (for managing applicants and background checks with a mobile-friendly solution) as well as Applicant Portal (for communicating directly with applicants and quickly fulfilling information requests).

About our Applicant Portal

The Cube, Info Cubic’s secure web-based customer platform, includes an Applicant Portal feature which allows applicants to log directly into the system from their computer or mobile device to provide their information and electronically mouse sign a disclosure and authorization form (also commonly referred to as a consent form). Using the applicant portal reduces the need for duplicate data entry, eliminates the need for customers to enter applicants’ personally identifiable information (PII) and also significantly reduces the need for “wet” signature consent forms/. These types of signature forms—which require the candidate to print, sign, and scan/fax docs back to the company—are a major roadblock for today’s candidates.

For more information on Applicant Tracking Systems, please contact Info Cubic at 877.360.4636.