Reviewing Your Hiring Processes

Posted: August 07, 2020

Since many companies have implemented hiring freezes or are doing limited hiring right now, many professionals are finding that it is an ideal time to take a hard look at their hiring and onboarding processes. Many of them have been hit with layoffs and furloughs themselves and are working with fewer resources than they have had in the past. This means that it is more crucial than ever to streamline HR hiring process and resources.

Here are a few things for HR professionals to consider in the current environment:

  • Are you using mobile technology? It is critical to use a paperless mobile technology solution since pretty much everyone is currently working remotely. In many cases, this means that HR departments have no choice but to hire remotely.
  • Have you analyzed your budget for hiring technology? It is a great time to time review what you are spending on your hiring technology, including background screening. Many companies’ budgets are in a shortfall and HR needs to lower costs across the board it does not usually generate revenue. If the cost is high, it may be time to find vendors that offer lower costs.
  • Have you looked at ways to shorten the hiring cycle? A common theme that we have heard from our HR friends is that they’re looking for ways to shorten the hiring cycle, including removing roadblocks with job postings, interviewing, screening, training, and onboarding that can really add to the cost of new hires and lengthen the hiring process. 
  • Have you gone through your hiring technology from a candidate’s viewpoint? One of our favorite ideas that we’ve heard from human resources professionals is that they are taking advantage of the downtime time to review their hiring technology to make sure it’s very smooth and easy to use from a candidate’s prospective. This means going through your hiring process from start to finish, including filling out the job application, submitting the background screening paperwork, etc. Many of our HR friends have been surprised to learn that parts of their process may be cumbersome or frustrating, so they make it a goal to focus on improving it. If you’re trying to attract and maintain top talent and you’re frustrated with the process yourself, can you imagine how a candidate feels as they go through it?
  • Have you evaluated your background screening vendor? Some background screening companies still use paper forms, which is no good. And, some use outsourced offshore customer service. If this is the case, it may be necessary to look for a background screening company that offers a mobile solution with paperless technology and domestic customer service.
  • How are you shopping for new vendors? We are finding companies of all sizes are no longer going through a formal and time-consuming RFP process. They’re simply reaching out to us to various vendors to discuss their needs and set up a demo or pilot program. It is important for you to test a potential background screening vendor’s actual program through a live demo and actually go in and act as the candidate to test it. Make sure that you actually want to work with any potential new vendors and that they have the right technology for your needs.

We are finding that HR professionals have more downtime to chat with us right now and are eager to discuss their pain points. If you are interested in reviewing your hiring process, the Info Cubic team is here to do a 15-minute discovery call where we can learn about your pain points or issues that you are currently experiencing with your program. We are here to offer solutions, so you are locked and loaded when hiring gets turned back on.