Info Cubic’s Virtual Hiring Tools

Posted: September 03, 2020

Info Cubic’s Virtual Hiring Tools

In today’s virtual environment, many HR professionals are trying to accomplish more with fewer resources so it’s more critical than ever to utilize tools to streamline your hiring and screening processes.

Here are a few tools that Info Cubic offers to improve your virtual hiring process:

Applicant Portal

The Cube, Info Cubic’s secure web-based customer platform, features an Applicant Portal system that allows applicants to securely access our system from their computer or mobile device. From there, they can provide their information and electronically sign a disclosure and authorization form, which is also commonly referred to as a consent form. Applicant Portal reduces duplicate data entry, eliminates the need for customers to enter applicants’ personally identifiable information (PII), and also significantly reduces the need for “wet” signature consent forms.

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Applicant Connect

As part of Info Cubic’s Applicant Connect, a contracted service, our team will reach out to your applicants for missing information that is discovered after orders are submitted.

Info Cubic will contact your candidate over a period of three business days via email, providing a link to upload missing documents and we will also send a final follow-up text message. Prior to contacting an applicant regarding missing information, we will review the entire order to make sure that we are requesting all missing information one time.

More Information on Applicant Connect

For more information on any of these products, please free to contact the Info Cubic team at 888-925-0922.