Info Cubic is Now Offering Remote Drug Testing

Posted: August 05, 2020

remote drug testing

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to the traditional drug testing model. Many employers are recruiting and hiring virtually, and some donors are reluctant to travel to collection sites since many of them are also caring for COVID 19 patients. Since workplace drug use increases employee absenteeism, decreases worker productivity, and heightens employer liability, drug testing is still imperative even though logistics may be more difficult during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Info Cubic has developed an oral virtual drug test option to counter the obstacles involved with traditional drug testing as part of the initiative to help our clients get “Back to Business.” Our remote drug testing option eases virtual onboarding and removes the hassles of scheduling appointments and traveling to test sites.

The virtual oral drug test does not compromise the accuracy and reliability that our clients count on. And, for our clients who are more budget-conscious during this time, the virtual drug test is a lower-priced option than the traditional drug test.

How does Info Cubic’s virtual drug test option work?

Info Cubic’s virtual drug test option is administered orally and can include some complex panels.  

Here are the steps involved with Info Cubic’s oral drug testing program:

  • The test can be shipped to the donor’s physical address and/or corporate offices.
  • The client will receive tracking numbers from Info Cubic when the order is placed so they know exactly when the employee will receive the Individual devices.
  • The supervisor or HR representative can setup a meeting with the employee and conduct a virtual conference utilizing Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo, etc. 
  • Self-collections are done by the donors. The supervisor or HR representative can virtually observe it.
  • The collection cannot be adulterated.
  • Packing and pickup instructions are included with the testing package when it is shipped to the employee.
  • FedEx can come right to the employee’s home to pick the sample up.
  • The sample will be tested at the laboratory and the results will be sent to the Medical Review Office.
  • Results can be sent electronically to Info Cubic.

Info Cubic is also available to administer the virtual drug test if the client prefers. We provide instructions to the employee on how to administer the virtual test, along with how to package it, send it, etc.

For more information on how Info Cubic can help with your remote drug testing or for information on other ways that we can help you get back to business, please contact us at 888-925-0922. We are excited to help our clients get back to business.