The State of the Employment Sector

Posted: July 16, 2020

What is the state of the employment and hiring industry?

The onset of COVID-19 brought on some unique and interesting challenges. The events in March and April sent complete shock waves to the system as companies dealt with having to move their employees to remote workplaces overnight. The pandemic also drove the employment sector to a grinding halt.

Once the calendar turned to May, many companies started to re-engage, as they realized that business had to go on, whether remotely, or with a skeletal staff. This trend has continued into the summer months, so it’s good to see businesses start to beef up their recruiting efforts. On the flip side, we are also hearing that some companies are taking a break, putting staffing on hold while they continue to weather the COVID-19 storm.

COVID-19 is changing the ways that businesses and professionals communicate with each other. We have attended more than our fair share of Zoom meetings over the past few months, but our team has found the positives in them. We have enjoyed face-to-face interaction, putting faces with names, and even witnessing attendees’ kids asking for snacks from time to time during the meetings. We are also seeing more engagement in the conversations that we are having with human resources professionals as they have utilized this time to review their hiring processes.

Now is the time to review your hiring processes

If you have some downtime right now, there is no better time to review your hiring processes, so you aren’t left behind when hiring suddenly ramps up again. We anticipate that the job market will be competitive once things turn around, so it’s important to be ready when it does. Now is a great time to have conversations about your interview process, examine your hiring decision process, analyze your process for making an offer, and examine your background screening process.

Human Resources representatives have been asking themselves: “Maybe there is a better process or way that we can initiate our background checks or drug screens?” or “Maybe this is the time for us to find the service experience that we deserve and that we’ve always wanted?”

What challenges are companies facing right now?

The onset of COVID-19, along with the negative business climate that arose from it, has made companies more budget-conscious as well as having fewer resources available to conduct the hiring, screening, and onboarding processes. Now is the time to explore new vendor options to help streamline your hiring process, which will both lower your costs as well as allow you to do more with fewer resources. Using paperless, mobile-friendly solutions with limited data-entry needs to streamline your hiring process is an effective way to meet some of the challenges you may face.

How can we help?

The Info Cubic team is always here to discuss how to interview virtually, how to process background checks via mobile-friendly solutions, how to conduct drug screening remotely, and much more. In the meantime, the Info Cubic team is happy to discuss these ideas with you further along with any other concerns you may have. We are proud to be a resource for you as we help you get back to business.

If you have ideas for future podcasts or would like to discuss how Info Cubic can help your company get back to business, please contact us at 888-925-0922.