Reasons to Implement Drug Testing Programs into Your Workplace

Posted: December 20, 2018

Are you thinking you may want to implement drug testing programs into your workplace? This guide will answer questions you may have about how to get started.

The top two types of testings most often implemented in the workforce are pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Implementing this type of testing is to proactively protect your organization from negative impacts of hiring any potential employees with drug misuse. This type of test is most commonly used after a conditional offer of employment has been made. A negative drug test result is required before the employment start date.

Random Drug Testing

Implementing this system of testing is a deterrent to current staff and is conducted on an unannounced basis. The selection method is a computer-generated numbering system, which can be used for Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or Non-Dot drug testing. By utilizing a random selection process, it ensures there is no bias and all employees have the same chances of being selected.

Encouraging a Drug-Free Workplace

Implementing the two above reasons for testing works best if they are combined in your drug and abuse program(s). If your organization decides to implement these two types of reasons of testing, be sure to include them in your drug and abuse company policies. Be sure to share your drug and alcohol abuse policy with all staff. Having a program in place shows an effective means of discouraging drug use.

Every organization and workforce are unique. It’s important to make careful determination about the type, or types, of drug testing program your organization implements, and ensure they are the most beneficial for your workplace.

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