Does Your Company Need Post-Employment Screening?

Posted: May 12, 2020

Does Your Company Need Post-Employment Screening?

While most employers utilize some form of pre-employment screening, fewer companies are utilizing post-hire screening, which could be a mistake. Post-employment screening, including Info Cubic’s Ongoing Criminal Monitoring and Employee Rescreening products, is an important component of the overall background screening process that should not be overlooked, especially by companies operating in industries that require an elevated level of trust in their employees to ensure the safety of their customers. Employers may utilize post-employment screening tools to mitigate their risks in various industries, including healthcare, financial services, information technology, education and more.

What is the difference between Ongoing Criminal Monitoring and Employee Rescreening?

Post-employment screening can alert a company if an employee has been involved in reportable post-hire criminal activity, allowing an employer to be proactive instead of reactive in monitoring their employees’ potentially illegal activities.

Post-employment screening encompasses two different Info Cubic products – Ongoing Criminal Monitoring and Employee Rescreening.

Ongoing Criminal Monitoring involves continuously searching criminal databases on a daily basis and alerting employers of any new reportable criminal activity while Employee Rescreening involves conducting specific searches at a pre-determined time of your choosing (i.e. every six months). Employee rescreening can utilize any of Info Cubic’s background screening products, including criminal searches (county, federal or statewide), National Criminal Database searches, National Registered Sex Offender (NSOR) searches, Motor Vehicle Reports, drugs screening, Professional License Verifications and more.

Info Cubic’s post-employment screening products are a great addition to a company’s employer screening program since it helps ensure workplace safety, mitigate risk, ensure compliance and protect your brand, and maximize your bottom line.

Here are six important reasons why your company needs employment post-screening:

  1. Creates a safer workplace for employees and customers – Post-employment screening allows employers to create a safer environment for their employees and customers by reducing the risk of insider threats, fraud, and workplace violence.
  2. Allows employers to remain knowledgeable about their employees – It is important for companies to keep updated on important changes in employees’ lives that could potentially lead to unethical behavior within the workplace.
  3. Demonstrates due diligence – It important for your company to be able to prove that you completed the necessary due diligence to prevent workplace violence, fraud, theft, etc., especially if an incident occurs.
  4. Allows employers the ability to reevaluate their employees who are promoted or taking on new responsibilities – When an employee is promoted or takes on new responsibilities, it is crucial to rescreen the employee, especially if a significant amount of time has passed since their initial background screening.
  5. Ensures compliance – Post-employment screening allows employers in certain regulated industries to maintain compliance with federal and state regulations.
  6. Protects your brand’s reputation – Employers put much trust into their employees who are representing their brands. Because of this, employees should be rescreened on a continuous basis to ensure that they are engaging in ethical behavior outside of the workplace

For more information on the benefits of post-employment screening, please contact Info Cubic at 888-925-0922. Our helpful team will help you sort through the different post-employment screening programs to find the one that works best for your company’s needs.