Cube Features: Admin Abilities

Posted: October 04, 2021

We are constantly working on The Cube to provide our clients with the best experience possible for managing their background checks. Over the next couple of months, we will be introducing features so our clients can put them to use. First up: Admin Abilities. The admin user on an account has the special ability to add and remove users. The admin can also limit, update, and modify user settings for their account’s active users. Here’s how it works for a user with admin rights:
  • Under “My Account,” select “Account Management.”
  • Under “User Management,”choose a user from the drop down menu to update their settings, then click “Edit.”
  • The admin may customize everything on this list, including being notified when an order is filled and displaying the call history notes on a user’s reports. The system can also notify the admin if a user’s invitations have expired.
  • If the admin is going on vacation or a sabbatical, they can also assign temporary administrative privileges to a user, remove ordering abilities to just make reports viewable.
  • The admin may also update the settings to only show completed reports and hide drug screening results from a given user.
  There are numerous customization options available within The Cube! As always, if you have questions about the admin abilities or any other features in The Cube, please reach out to our Client Service Ninjas at (877) 360-4636.