Meet the Team

Laura L.

Client Success Manager

Laura L.

Tell us about what you do at Info Cubic.

In my role I have an opportunity to work with many teams across the organization. Everyone I work with is caring and takes pride in their work. These individuals put all they have into ensuring the most positive customer experience imaginable, and they support each other to collaboratively achieve this standard of excellence.

Laura L

Tell us about your team

"My role within the Info Cubic team is evaluating internal and client-facing processes and products to ensure we are delivering the very best to our customers at all times. I am also responsible for speaking on behalf of Info Cubic through marketing outreach, and expanding our already excellent customer service through strategic support of our customers and partnerships. "

How Info Cubic is different from other background checking companies?

Having held positions at several large background screening companies, I have a unique vantage point from which to see what makes Info Cubic special. Too often organizations claim to have the best customer service in the industry, but they are actually falling well short of best in class. A company with superior customer service does more than just answer calls quickly; it puts the interests of people, both customers and employees, ahead of the bottom line in order to be a true partner. This is Info Cubic.

Any message to clients?

If you cannot say that you actually enjoy working with your current background screening provider, or that they put the needs of you and your candidates first, or that they treat you as a partner and not just a sliver of their profit margin, then give us a call. We'll be more than happy to show you what superior customer service looks like, and how it can positively affect your business.