Occupational Health Screening Solutions

With Info Cubic's extensive nationwide network of patient service centers, Occupational Health Screening is simple, automated and compliant.

Occupational health screening management doesn’t have to be complicated. Info Cubic’s solutions make it easy. Our Cube screening platform can be customized to fit your specific program needs and we manage a clinical network that is customized specifically to you. We give you the tools to create a custom request form, so managing your clinical screening services is simple, automated and compliant with industry regulations.

Occupational Health Screening Services

We have automated solutions for DOT and non-DOT managed programs for pre-employment, random, post accident, reasonable suspicion and return-to-duty needs.

Here’s a quick list of some of the most commonly ordered occupational health screenings:

Pre-Employment Physical

A basic physical that includes the clinic checking vitals and the doctor asking the candidate questions.

DOT Physical

A physical that is a specific requirement for DOT agencies.

OSHA Questionnaire

Identifies general medical conditions and is completed with a respirator physical.

Human Performance Exam (HPE)

Components in this test vary, and they are based on company-specific requirements.

Function Capacity Exam (FCE) Non-DOT and DOT

Analyzes the individual’s health, including body functions and structures.

Range of Motion (Kraus-Weber)

Measures the large muscle groups for flexibility and strength.

Fit for Duty

Used for employees who returned from disability or who are physically unable to work. This type of physical would also be used if an employee falls under the safety concern regulation.

Lift Test

Screens for pre-existing injuries or limitations that would hinder an individual’s ability to perform essential job functions.

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

Measures how well the lungs exhale air and how they efficiently transfer oxygen into the blood.

Vision Test (Ishihara)

Tests for color blindness, distinguishing numbers, and pathways.

Fentanyl Urine Test Panel

The Fentanyl Urine Test Panel offers fast and convenient drug detection intended for employment and insurance testing.

Clinical Health Screening Services

Purified Protein Derivative (PPD or TB) Testing:

A tuberculin skin test is completed to see if candidate has tuberculosis.

Quantiferon-TB Gold:

A blood test that diagnoses the mycobacterium tuberculosis infection (both active latent infection and active tuberculosis disease).

MMR Titer Testing:

A blood test completed to see if a candidate has Measles, Mumps and Rubella. The test checks to see if candidate is immune to Measles, Mumps and Rubella. It measures the antibody levels to get a sense of the immune system and determines if it has the capability to handle any kind of infection with the MMR diseases.

Varicella (Zoster Virus) Titer:

A blood test completed to see if candidate has immunity to Varicella Zoster Virus (also known as Chicken Pox and Shingles). This Titer helps the employer and candidate learn if they have been infected or have immunity to these two types of viruses.

Hep A Titer:

Completed to see if candidate has immunity to Hepatitis A (a contagious liver disease caused by a virus). Commonly used if a candidate was from part of the world with a higher prevalence of the Hep A infection, such as third world countries, as well as young people and adults in a population of groups such as American Indians, Alaska Natives and Hispanics.

Hep B Titer:

Completed to see if candidate has immunity to Hepatitis B. This virus is a severe form of viral hepatitis transmitted in infected blood.

Additional Drug Screening Services