Deletion Request

Data Deletion Request


Info Cubic complies with various data protection and privacy regulations, including GDPR. We will provide you with the tools to request a data deletion of your own personal data if your matching, personal identifiable information exists in our database.


Please complete the following form. We will review the information you provide against any matching personal identifiers in our database. We will send you a notification within 30 days of receipt of original request to inform you your data has been deleted or if no data is found in our database. As a consumer reporting agency, we store your data only if we have previously conducted a background check on you at the permissible request of one of our clients. If you are requesting a generic deletion or to freeze your personal credit history from the credit bureaus, please contact Experian, Equifax and TransUnion directly.


Data deletion includes, but is not limited to:

  • Deletion of your SSN
  • Deletion of your Date of Birth
  • Deletion of your Current and previous addresses


Section A: User Information

First Name*   Middle Name*
Last Name*   Date Of Birth*
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Section B: Comment

Please upload your identity document (driver license, passport, etc.) *

Section C: Authorization Release

Please complete the following release to authorize the reinvestigation request.

I, authorize the release of any information to Info Cubic and/or its agents, pertaining to my criminal, employment or address history for the purposes of the reinvestigation that I have requested. I also authorize you to notify the company that requested my report of my dispute and to provide them with the reinvestigation results. Further, I authorize you to provide updated reports to any other employers who may have received a consumer report with the disputed information over the last two years. I understand that the results of the reinvestigation will be mailed to me unless I have specified otherwise in Section C of this form. By signing and submitting this form I agree that I am the person named above and understand that federal law has specific consequences in place for individuals attempting to obtain information from a consumer reporting agency under false pretenses.

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