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Staffing Firm | Info Cubic

What 4 or 5 adjectives would you use to describe Info Cubic and or your relationship with Info Cubic?

Responsive, High-quality, Quick, Friendly

What specific challenges did you face with your previous provider that lead you to investigate other options and why did you ultimately choose Info Cubic?

With our previous provider we struggled with slow turnaround times, which caused us to lose candidates. As a staffing company in a ultra competitive market it's imperative that we get our results back quickly. We decided to move to Info Cubic because the turnaround times are as good as if not better than the other larger providers that don't provide nearly the same level of attention to servicing their customers.

What are two primary areas of concern or challenges that Info Cubic was able to help you solve?

The biggest concern Info Cubic was able to solve for was the fact that with our previous provider we weren't receiving completed reports in a timely manner. Our reports now consistently come back within 2 or 3 days at most and if there are any known delays they are communicated to us effectively. The other challenge we faced was a lack of quality customer service. We'd ask for status updates and were lucky to get a response within several hours. With Info Cubic we get a response within an hour at most.

If you were engaged in a conversation with a company who is considering moving their background screening business to Info Cubic, what would you say to them?

We've really enjoyed working with Info Cubic. It's a breath of fresh air having a real person (as opposed to a phone tree) answer the phone who is eager to help and knows what they are talking about.