Public Transit Provider

Public Transit Provider

What 4 or 5 adjectives would you use to describe Info Cubic and or your relationship with Info Cubic?

Experts in Compliance, Patient, Consultative, Informative, Responsive

What specific challenges did you face with your previous provider that lead you to investigate other options and why did you ultimately choose Info Cubic?

Public Transit is a heavily regulated industry so it was very important to use a background check company who understood our requirements and was very focused on compliance. We vetted several different background screening companies and Info Cubic clearly demonstrated the most experience and willingness to help us remain compliant with regards to our screening program.

What are two primary areas of concern or challenges that Info Cubic was able to help you solve?

Our primary concern was to make sure our screening program met the unique challenges and compliance risks we face in the public transit industry. Another challenge was getting reports back quickly despite having such a comprehensive screening package. Info Cubic has been successful in helping us solve both of these challenges.

What has been your overall impression of working with Info Cubic?

It's been a real pleasure working with the entire team at Info Cubic. The sales process was very informative and helpful rather than being pushy or high-pressure. The implementation process was very smooth and we enjoy working with the Answer Desk and our dedicated Client Service Ninja.