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Info Cubic offers background screening for construction companies with first-class customer service, industry-leading turnaround times, maximum accuracy and legal compliance expertise.

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Hiring Challenges in the Construction Industry

Construction companies are under constant pressure to produce high-quality products, manage high employee turnover and maintain safe workplaces. As a result, construction companies are constantly looking at ways to improve their hiring processes and mitigate risk. Poor hires can result in increased liability, decreased productivity, lost customers and even criminal activity. The construction industry faces many unique challenges in the hiring and recruitment process, including:  

  • Ongoing pressure to fill employment vacancies quickly and efficiently 
  • Workers operating heavy equipment and other safety issues leading to workplace accidents. 
  • High employee turnover 
  • Recruiting for reliable candidates with very specific skills and licenses 
  • Construction industry employees have the highest drug use  
  • Heavy regulations enforced by OHSHA 
  • Cumbersome background check processes for applicants results in poor candidate experiences 
  • Slow and inaccurate results from background screening companies delay the hiring process 

Construction industry background checks can improve workplace safety, decrease employee turnover, increase employee and consumer safety, and reduce liability. From criminal record checks to drug testing, Info Cubic is a “one-stop-shop” partner for construction companies, offering an easy-to-use platform, a 19.15-hour average turnaround time for all non-instant searches, and a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Streamline your construction hiring process with timely and accurate background screening results. With Info Cubic, you will be onboarding new hires while others are still waiting for the results of their background check reports. Info Cubic’s compliance services help managers improve efficiency and maintain compliance. 

Please contact us at 877.360.4636 for more information on employment screening for the construction industry. 

Please contact us at 877.360.4636 for more information on employment screening for the Construction industry.

Background Screenings For The Construction Industry

Whether you are hiring supervisors, superintendents, or heavy equipment operators, Info Cubic can customize background a construction background check package based on your needs.

Info Cubic can customize Construction background check packages based on your organization's unique hiring needs. Please contact us at 877.360.4636 for more information.


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