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What 4 or 5 adjectives would you use to describe Info Cubic and or your relationship with Info Cubic?

Readily-available, friendly, experienced, awesome

What specific challenges did you face with your previous provider that lead you to investigate other options and why did you ultimately choose Info Cubic?

The biggest challenge we faced with our previous background check provider was the total lack of customer service. They clearly off-shored their customer service. Every time we'd call with questions or looking for a status update we'd get put on hold and when we finally did speak to someone they never knew who we were and couldn't answer our questions. It seemed like we were getting different answers to the same questions.

What are two primary areas of concern or challenges that Info Cubic was able to help you solve?

The customer service we receive at Info Cubic is night and day better than our old provider We have a dedicated Client Service Ninja (Jacob) who does an amazing job of managing our account. Even when Jacob isn't available the folks at Info Cubic's Answer Desk are always available to help via phone or email. I still get surprised when I get an email response back within 15 or 20 minutes compared to the day or two it would usually take with our old provider.

Describe the solution that Info Cubic provided to solve these two primary challenges.

The most helpful solution Info Cubic provided is the Answer Desk, which is staffed by what they call Client Service Ninjas. Aside from just being fun to talk to a ninja, I've spoken with several of them over the years and they are always so friendly and willing to help. If only all my vendors had such good customer service.

If you were engaged in a conversation with a company who is considering moving their background screening business to Info Cubic, what would you say to them?

If you are with a background check company with bad or even mediocre customer service you should switch to Info Cubic immediately. You won't believe the difference.