IT Industry

Business Process

What 4 or 5 adjectives would you use to describe Info Cubic and or your relationship with Info Cubic?

Cutting-edge, attentive, smart, knowledgeable

What specific challenges did you face with your previous provider that lead you to investigate other options and why did you ultimately choose Info Cubic?

Our old vendor's online system wasn't very user-friendly and didn't allow for an applicant to provide their information. We were looking for an option where we could send a link to the applicant to gather their information rather than us doing the data-entry. Info Cubic's applicant portal has been a perfect fit for what we were looking for.

What are two primary areas of concern or challenges that Info Cubic was able to help you solve?

We are an IT firm so it was pretty embarrassing that our screening process was still very paper-based. By using Info Cubic's applicant portal we were able to move everything to an electronic-based, streamlined process. Our applicants can fill out everything and sign an authorization form from their phones, which has been great. And the best part is our recruiters no longer have to place orders manually.

What has been your overall impression of working with Info Cubic?

I would emphasize that they have tools to make the screening process very hassle-free and less time-consuming. In addition, their customer service is outstanding.