Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Limited Vs. Full Queries

Posted: October 15, 2019

Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Limited Vs. Full Queries

If you are an employer, commercial driver license (CDL) holder or even a commercial driver permit holder, Info Cubic LLC is here to share some information with you regarding the upcoming Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse database.

There has been some updated information on how to purchase a query plan and what that means for employers. Also, there is a difference between the limited queries and the full queries

What is a Query?

  • It is an electronic check in the clearinghouse, that is conducted by an employer or their designated third party administrator (TPA).
  • Its purpose is to identify if any prospective employee(s) are prohibited from performing any safety-sensitive functions.

Limited Query

This type of query is to check for the presence of information in the queried driver’s clearinghouse record. The driver consent must be obtained outside of the Clearinghouse.

This query should be completed annually for every CDL driver that is employed with your company.

If a limited query returns a result indicating that there is information recorded in the Clearinghouse about the driver, and the employer follows up with a full query, the employer will only be charged once for both queries. 

Full Query

This type of query is to disclose to employers and any designated TPAs detailed information about any resolved or unresolved violations in a driver’s Clearinghouse record. The driver’s electronic consent is required in the Clearinghouse.

This query is to be used as part of the pre-employment process when hiring a CDL driver. 

Query Plan Bundles

You can review the cost of the plan bundles here. If you aren’t sure how many queries you will need, you can choose one that covers the number of CDL drivers you have currently on your staff.

Included in the Clearinghouse final rule, each employer must conduct a query on each prospective driver, as well as annually for every CDL driver that is currently employed. 

Having trouble navigating this process? Info Cubic, LLC can help your organization with this process and keep you updated on industry regulations.

Info Cubic is here to help guide your organization to find the best type of program that fits your organization’s drug-free workplace policy. Contact our Drug Screening Business Coordinator at 877-360-4636 or click here to get the conversation started.