Tenstreet Integration

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Tenstreet Background Check Integration

Info Cubic Employment Screening has created a pre-built integrated solution with Tenstreet that is quick and simple to use. With Info Cubic’s off-the-shelf integration, Tenstreet’s clients can order a candidate’s background check and/or drug test in just a few clicks. The applicant’s information from the integrated ATS auto-populates the background check request form to avoid duplicate data entry. After the order is submitted, the status and results appear in real-time. The integrated solution is also mobile-friendly, creating a seamless applicant experience.



Benefits of ATS Integration

Whether you choose a pre-integrated solution, or work directly with our team or partners to build a customized solution, Info Cubic has the resources to get you connected and on your way to a streamlined and more efficient hiring process.

Reduce time from application, to interview, to offer, to start!

Save money with a standard, repeatable, predictable, cost effective and rapid deployment

Increase visibility into all elements of the hiring process

Eliminate dual data capture and increase accuracy

Tenstreet Integration Workflow

Recruiter initiatesbackground check in ATSApplicant provides additional info and signs forms from any smart device Info Cubic processes background check andsends results to ATSInfo Cubic gathersdata from ATS andsends invite to applicant

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About Tenstreet®:

Tenstreet combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative and strategic thinking that gives them great leverage in four distinct service areas – Recruiting, Safety, Onboarding, and Marketing. Over 14,400,000 IntelliApps have been received by recruiting teams for over 1,500 client carriers.